Hamilton Duxbury

About us.




Hamilton Duxbury was established as a bookkeeping business in April 2000 by Gary Duxbury.


Our Aim

Our aim is to help sole traders and small to medium business owners to maintain accurate accounting records.


Value to you


Free up your time.


Less Bookkeeping Hassle.


More Detailed & Accurate Accounting Records.


HMRC Records Submitted On Time.




Corporation Tax


End of Year Accounts Submitted On Time

for Companies House.



What does this do for you?

Basically, gives you peace of mind in knowing your accounts are being done and being done correctly


How easy is it to do?

We have a number of systems that we can put in place, based on how you are setup and how you prefer to work.

These systems range from you having a simple plastic bag or cardboard box system to you scanning documents straight to one of our Cloud Drive inboxes.

We then date, name, tag, process and file all your documents so they are available for future reference.

With our Cloud Drive system you will have access to all your documents & reports, from just about any type of device, be this your PC, laptop, tablet or phone.


What does it cost?

Depending on your business type, size and the number of businesses you own or are involved in, this will vary.

We offer a free no obligation appointment where we can fully and accurately assess the work you need and want us to do.

We will then prepare a quote based on what you need and want from our bookkeeping services and based on the type of setup you would like to use.


What to do next.

Call us and book a free no obligation appointment and find out if this is worth your while.

We will then look over your records and assess the work that needs doing and give you a quote.

From there you can decide what you want to do next.

7 Coppice Green Elton Chester CH2 4RH

Mobile: 07920 024741